viaggio sub cocos islands

8 days / 7 nights

Cocos (Keeling Islands)

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Seaside stay on Cocos Island, the ideal place for diving in the Indian Ocean!

We present you a true diving paradise in the Indian Ocean! Between Australia and Sri Lanka, the Cocos Islands are located. It is a series of coral atolls that boast a kaleidoscopic landscape with shades ranging from the turquoise blue of the sea, to the pure white of the beaches, to the green of the island's palm trees.

Cocos Beach Motel Dive Resort: the hotel has 28 rooms directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. At guests' disposal a restaurant offering local and international cuisine. Please note: we inform you that this is a family-run property. The accommodation is simple, the service is friendly and informal, suitable for those who want a contact with the local reality.


Superb point for diving, you can circle with fins and cylinders among hundreds of colorful fish, manta rays and Napoleon fish. Thanks to an intact coral ecosystem, in 1995 the Cocos Archipelago was declared a National Park. The outer reef is colonized by hundreds of species of hard corals and alcyonaria inhabited by colorful tropical fish. Among the numerous diving spots "The Garden of Eden" is among the most exciting: it is a large plateau covered with gorgonians that slopes gently into the blue up to 35 meters, from where schools of Jack Fish, Rainbow Runners, lonely Napoleon fish, gray sharks and large Wahoo. But the main attraction of this location is the submerged landscape that is intertwined with history: Gerhard's Cannons is a sandy plateau 12 meters deep, where cannons dating back to the 18th century coexist with the natural beauties living on this seabed. During the boat trips inside the lagoon it is also easy to meet dolphins and play with them.
We are waiting for you to dive in Cocos Island!

1° day


Departure in the morning.
Arrival on Cocos Island and transfer to Cocos Beach Motel cat. tourist.

2° day


Days dedicated to diving

A total of 10 dives (two per day) will be carried out including transfers, diving guide, support boat, lunch and refreshments, disembarkation on the islets for relaxation, cylinders, weighted belt.

Made up of 2 atolls made up of 27 islands, the Cocos boast a kaleidoscopic landscape that mixes the blue and turquoise of the sea, the pure white of the beaches and the green of the island's palm trees.
The main attraction of this locality is the submerged panorama that binds with wonder: history, with cannons of the 18th century sunk and the natural beauties living on these sea beds.
Superb point for diving you can circle with fins and cylinders among hundreds of colorful fish, manta rays, dugongs and Napoleon fish. Only two of the islands of the archipelago are inhabited: West Island, populated by Europeans, and Home Island where an indigenous Malaysian community lives.

3° - 7° day


see above

8° day


Free transfer to the airport and departure for return to Perth and / or continuation to the next destination.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021€ 2,240


Departure from Perth on Tuesdays and Fridays (operational changes possible)

Recommended extensions (contact us)

Christmas Island (possible combinations Cocos plus Christmas)

Perth and the Pinnacles Desert

Adelaide / Port Lincoln with the white shark

Indicative rate for two people

Price starting from € 2,240
Registration fee and zero risk policy € 95


Supplement for superior rooms

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.24 AUD
Exchange rate variations with fluctuations greater than 3% will result in an adjustment of costs and will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff includes

  • 10 dives from the boat including lunch, transfers and basic equipment)
  • Flights to and from Cocos Island
  • Overnight stays in Cocos Island in a motel
  • Basic / health insurance

The tariff does not include

  • Intercontinental flights
  • Trip cancellation insurance (recommended)
  • Extras, tips, drinks and anything else not expressly indicated in the fee includes or elsewhere in the program

Stupendo punto per le immersioni, si può volteggiare dotati di pinne e bombole tra centinaia di pesci coloratissimi, mante e pesci napoleone. Grazie ad un ecosistema corallino intatto, nel 1995 l’Arcipelago delle Cocos è stato dichiarato Parco Nazionale. Il reef esterno è colonizzato da centinaia di specie di coralli duri e alcionari abitati da coloratissimi pesci tropicali. Tra i numerosi punti d’immersione “The Garden of Eden” è tra i più entusiasmanti: si tratta di un grande pianoro ricoperto di gorgonie che degrada dolcemente nel blu fino a 35 metri, da dove risalgono branchi di Jack Fish, Rainbow Runners, solitari pesci Napoleone, squali grigi e Wahoo di notevoli dimensioni. Ma la principale attrattiva di questa località è il panorama sommerso che si intreccia con la storia: Gerhard’s Cannons è un pianoro sabbioso a 12 metri di profondità, dove cannoni risalenti al 18° secolo convivono con le naturali bellezze viventi su questi fondali. Durante gli spostamenti in barca all’interno della laguna è inoltre facile incontrare delfini e giocare insieme a loro.

immersioni nell'Oceano Indiano

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