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6 days / 5 nights from € 1.830
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Diving stay in Fiji, sea, sun and beautiful backdrops!

Taveuni is located in what is called "the garden of Fiji", because it is particularly rich in flora and fauna. By choosing this accommodation you will have everything in one solution: sport, nature, comfort, relaxation… what are you waiting for to leave for this fabulous diving stay in Fiji?

The Garden Island Resort is one of the largest on the island. It has 30 Ocean View rooms and Ocean front Suites equipped with every comfort. Guests have access to a wellness center, a Spa and a fully equipped Dive Center. The latter organizes day trips to the most famous sites on the island!


Tavenui is a popular destination for divers from all over the world. One of the most renowned dive sites is the Great White Wall, which owes its name to the white soft corals that completely cover its walls. It is 25 meters deep and has very strong currents, so a good experience is required. The dive ends on a beautiful garden of soft corals of all colors and sizes; an indescribable spectacle, impossible to find in any other dive in the world. Another site worthy of note and also suitable for less experienced divers is Annie's Bommies: in the center of Somosomo Passage, there are large coral masses covered with multicolored soft coral. With the movement of the currents, when the soft coral opens, you can admire an amazing explosion of all the colors of the rainbow. The abundant resident fauna includes moray eels, rays, leopard sharks, turtles and, in November, pilot whales.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021€ 1,830

The tariff includes

  • reception at the airport
  • transfers to and from the airport
  • transfers to and from the resort
  • accommodation
  • buffet breakfast
  • diving including equipment
  • rosie discount card

Tavenui è meta ambitissima dai sub di tutto il mondo. Uno dei siti d’immersione più rinomati è il Great White Wall, che deve il suo nome ai coralli molli bianchi che ne ricoprono interamente le pareti. Si trova a 25 metri di profondità e presenta correnti molto forti, pertanto è necessaria una buona esperienza. L’immersione termina su un bellissimo giardino di coralli molli di tutti i colori e dimensioni; uno spettacolo indescrivibile, impossibile da ritrovare in qualsiasi altra immersione al mondo. Un altro sito degno di nota e adatto anche ai sub meno esperti è Annie’s Bommies: al centro del Somosomo Passage, si trovano grossi ammassi corallini ricoperti da corallo molle multicolore. Con il movimento delle correnti, quando il corallo molle si apre, si può ammirare una stupefacente esplosione di tutti i colori dell’arcobaleno. L’abbondante fauna residente comprende murene, razze, squali leopardo, tartarughe e, in novembre, globicefali.

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