Vacanza per subacquei Nuova Caledonia

10 days / 7 nights

New Caledonia Diving

Voli inclusi

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New Caledonia Diving

With its second largest Great Barrier Reef in the world and a lagoon area of 24 300 km2 listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, New Caledonia offers diving excellence in the Pacific Ocean. There are many dive sites around Nouméa, the main island, and on the Lauyotè and Dei Pini islands. All sites offer exceptional fauna: parrotfish, clownfish, loach, grouper, leopard rays, manta rays, lobsters, turtles, dugongs … and a varied and colorful flora: gorgonians, fluorescent corals, sea urchins, starfish. New Caledonia is an exceptional and wonderful trip !!

1° day

MILAN / TOKYO (- / - / -)

Departure in the afternoon.
Meals and overnight on board.

2° day

TOKYO / NOUMEA ( - / - / - )

Overnight option in Tokyo.
Arrival in the late evening.
Meeting with the representative and transfer by coach to the hotel.

3° day

NOUMEA ( B / - / - )

Free day to freely explore the city.
The Tchou Tchou Train
Duration: about 2 hours
Climb aboard the Tchou Tchou train for a guided tour of Noumea.

The city is located on a peninsula in the southern part of the island, inserted between the low hills and protected by a natural harbor with deep waters. Founded in 1854 as Nouméa, the city remains dominated by the French language and culture.
Nouméa is often referred to as the "Paris of the Pacific" because it has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, fine restaurants, boutiques and chic shops. Many tourists come here to visit the city, enjoy the many beaches, and practice windsurfing and sailing.
The city's two main marine attractions are Ansa Vata Beach and the Baie des Citron, a cigar-shaped peninsula just south of Nouméa, overlooking the Pacific. But Noumea is also culture and art, and offers many opportunities to tourists.
Located on the Tina Peninsula, and Nouméa, 10 minutes from the city center, the Tjibaou Cultural Center draws inspiration from traditional Kanak architecture. Designed by our Renzo Piano, it has a bold modern, elegant and sober style. To explore the Kanak path that leads to the Melanesian identity. Along this path, the visitor will be introduced to the strength, flavors and emotions of a still living ancestral culture.
The Nouméa Aquarium: Founded in 1956, the Aquarium is one of the most attractive places in Nouméa. In this jewel of an aquarium that reproduces the lagoons of New Caledonia, you will discover the splendor of the coral reefs and their inhabitants: Napoleon fish, Angelfish, Gorgonians, the incredible Nautilus, real living fossils of the abyss, and fluorescent corals, like precious gems .
The "Michel Corbasson Zoological et Forest Park" is located a few minutes from the city center, on the heights of Nouméa. It offers fantastic walks, with magnificent views over the lagoon and the southern coast of Grande Terre. The park features a large number of birds, including the rare endemic Cagou species, the emblem of New Caledonia. For access to the park there are departures from-Anse Vata (Palm Beach Shopping Arcade) four times a day for the small tourist train. It can be visited every day from 10:15 to 17.45, except Mondays.
Place des Cocotiers is a very popular haunt in the heart of the city. Four different areas have been designed in the city to provide a relaxing environment for the inhabitants. The oldest area, Place Feuillet, was designed around an authentic ancient music kiosk, the Place Courbet and its monumental "Céleste" fountain, the "Place de la Marne" with its open market and live shows and finally, the Place Olry, where it is a pleasant experience to stay seated in some room overlooking a refreshing ornamental lake.
Not far from the coast, finally, the Amedee Lighthouse, famous for its white beaches, excellent scuba diving and easily accessible with organized excursions, generally very crowded but not to be missed.

4° day


Two diving sessions today.
Early in the morning, meeting with the Diving Center at the hotel and departure for diving.
The lagoon around Noumea offers a wide range of spots where you can meet turtles, sharks, colorful fish, incredible corals, wrecks such as the famous "La Dieppoise", Napoleon fish, loach, clown fish, manta ray, sea eagle ...
Among the most famous dive sites in the area we have:
- Passe de Bourail: located in front of the Amedée Island, this dive spot is about 40-50 minutes by Noumea offshore boat. It is a marine reserve where it is possible to regularly spot manta rays, sea eagles, white tip and gray sharks, morays, groupers, trevalley and groopers and many other species ...
- Passe di Dumbea: located about 30 minutes by boat in the open sea in Noumea, this site offers divers one of the most precious, very steep reefs covered with soft corals. You will meet many colorful fish, sea turtles, napoleon fish, sharks, tuna, mackerel manta rays.
- Sèche Croissant located near the Ilot Maitre, 5 minutes by boat right in front of Noumea, is a dive spot that is usually proposed in case of bad weather. It is a real aquarium where you can find all kinds of reef fish, including the famous sea turtles, white tip sharks, crocodile fish and nudibranchs. This is the best site for night diving.
And more!

5° day

NOUMEA / LIFOU ( B / - / - )

Transfer to the airport
Departure for the short flight (not pressurized) that takes us to Lifou in less than an hour.
Collection of the booked car type Clio 3 or 4 with unlimited mileage and basic Pai insurance included.
Transfer by car to the hotel.

Introduction to Lifou:
For non-diving companions this island is particularly suitable for its size and the variety of landscapes and beaches and coves it offers.

The island is part of the Loyaute archipelago, with an area of 1,150 sq km, 9,000 inhabitants, skilled dancers and sculptors, it is the largest island of the group, 85 km long and totally flat. The name Lifou curiously derives from the transcription of the French word "De’u". Lifou was visited for the first time by the navigator Dumont D 'Urville in 1827. The first continuous contacts of the Kanak population with the Europeans began however in 1840 with the arrival of sandalwood traders, whalers and fleeing convicts from Norfolk Island. A curiosity: the deserter sailor Charles Bridget was perhaps the first white resident who was welcomed by Chief Kanak "Chief Boula" and nicely renamed "Cannibal Charley". These continuous visits have led to a mixing of the locals with the newcomers, so it is common today to observe Kanak with blue eyes. Today the Kanak of Lifou are the ones that welcome tourists with the most familiarity thanks to the now historical habit of contact with the "white man"; here it is easier to experience a short stay in a typical "Kanak house" (the circular huts), participating in the activities of the clan.
In Lifou by virtue of its size, therefore, more than in all other islands, it is absolutely a must to take a guided tour of the island at the beginning of your stay. If you want to go beyond the sea, you can rent a car locally to explore this beautiful and pleasant island in complete freedom.
Although there is no massive coral reef close to the coast, the island's beaches are simply enchanting and the scuba diving is fantastic. Lifou is, in fact, made up of massive limestone rocks of coral origin: it is a makatea, an ancient atoll that has gradually risen over the years. It therefore has a large central plateau, corresponding to the seabed of the ancient atoll (caused by the drying out of its lagoon), surrounded by a crown of cliffs corresponding to the ancient barrier of rocks.
The beaches are fantastic, white sand and crystal clear sea, often deserted and pristine for a real immersion in the "wildness".
The most beautiful or interesting points:
Jokin Cliff
By far one of the most beautiful viewpoints for sea lovers. You reach the Fare Falaise from where it is possible to admire the very green promontory rich in cliffs that plunge into an emerald sea where, the transparency of the waters, allows a glimpse of an extensive reef rich in corals. The coast of the island can be seen as far as the horizon giving a magnificent glance.
Mucaweng vanilla plantation
There are two on the island but this is the most beautiful, you walk through a forest full of different tree species, sometimes similar to a garden. The quantity of flowers and plants is incredible and the peace and silence that reign there create great serenity in everyone.
Chapel of Notre-Dame de Lourdes
An uphill walk to reach the promontory where this beautiful chapel stands with a splendid statue of the Madonna of Lourdes on the top. From the chapel you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay of Santal and the Easo district. In Easo there is a small museum of Melanesian musical instruments and an excellent diving center to explore the nearby reef, exciting night dives.
Chateaubriand Bay
This is where We, the administrative capital of the island, rises. The bay is wide and deep and its waters are enchanting, the beaches lined with frangipani and palm trees. Here is the Drehu Village, the hotel that comes closest to the taste of a classic tourist. Also in We there is the nautical center, a small and equipped marina from where it is possible to organize boat trips and deep sea fishing.
Luengoni Beach
Another wonderful and primordial beach where you can also find the Fare by Jeanne Forrest or a family accommodation that offers the possibility of sleeping in a typical Melanesian hut with a unique view in the world. This is not the only Making available for tourism on the island but it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating. Luengoni beach stretches to infinity and is made up of many small coves and coral motus, here you can access semi-submerged caves where the water takes on a fairytale tone.

6° - 8° day

LIFOU ( B / - / - )

Two diving sessions per day.
You will have to reach the diving center with your car. The diving center is open every day except Mondays.
The diving club is located on the edge of the beautiful bay of Santal. Get ready to discover and explore Lifou's best dive spots. Pristine waters, arches, caves, huge sea fans, multicolored corals and an incredible biodiversity: gray shark, white tip shark, tuna, lobster, giant clams ... Popular places are: Gorgon Reef with its giant sea fans and leopard sharks; Tokomo tip with a myriad of small multicolored fish, parrot fish etc.

9° day

LIFOU ( B / - / - )

Last day at your disposal to explore the island or to dedicate yourself to new dives.

10° day


Release of the car at the airport and departure for Noumea.
Arrival and transfer to the hotel.
Room available until the last.
In the evening transfer to the airport and departure for the return to Italy scheduled shortly after midnight.

11° day

ITALY / (- / - / -)

End of the trip.

Tariff per person, starting from:

From 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021upon request


(B = breakfast L = lunch D = dinner AI = all inclusive)

Expected hotels or similar:

  • Noumea: Le Lagon Hotel *** Double occupancy – Continental Breakfast included
  • Noumea: Drehu Village *** Hotel garden bungalow Buffet breakfast included

The tariff includes

  • Intercontinental scheduled flights from the main Italian airports and internal flights
  • 23 kg extra baggage for divers
  • Transfers to and from the airports where indicated in the program
  • Hotel accommodation in a double room
  • Diving included for divers
  • All transfers
  • Meals included as per program (B = breakfast L = lunch D = dinner AI = all inclusive
  • Car rental as per program
  • Excursions included as per program

The tariff does not include

  • Anything not indicated in the cost of the trip or elsewhere in the program
  • Tips, drinks, personal extras
  • Approximate airport taxes € 375
  • Registration fee € 95

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